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Pagano 2 Body

GRP: Body, bonnet and boot lid

On request
Image: 2017-03/imag0238.jpg

Pagano 1 Body

GRP: Body, bonnet and boot lid

On request
Image: 2017-01/ram1.jpg


Tube frame chassis. Delivered without sheet metal. Sheet meta plates are required to get the full strength.

In stock

Metal sheet kit

Alluminium or steel

On request
Image: 2017-02/stol1.jpg

Seat, Custom made for the Pagano

Choose leather by colour and quality

On request
Image: 2017-02/ruta1.jpg

Windshield with mounting frame

Alloy, Polycarbonate

On request
Image: 2017-02/tank1.jpg

Tank 30 to 60 Litre


On request
Image: 2017-02/huvlas1.jpg

Hood lock

Out of stock
Image: 2017-02/stralkkapa1.jpg

Headlight covers for Pagano 1


On request
Image: 2017-02/20160322-183349.jpg

Nardi Anni 50 steering wheel

With horn button Alfa Romeo or Ferrari

On request
Image: 2017-02/snappoff1.jpg


Antitheft device provides the ability to shift between two steering wheels

On request
Image: 2017-02/iphone100827-245.jpg


On request
Image: 2017-02/img8.jpg

Headrest pillow

On request

Set of coil springs and shock absorbers

Springs balanced after the car's weight

On request
Image: 2017-03/hub.png

Wire wheel centre knock off hubs

On request
Image: 2017-03/wire-wheel-2.png

Wire wheels

Rim 7" x 15" with a nice offset

On request
Image: 2017-03/spinner.png

Centre knock off spinners

On request
Image: 2017-03/20140225-155055.jpg

Front suspesions linkage

Light weight front suspension wishbones

On request
Image: 2017-02/img2.jpg

Tonneau cockpit cover

On request
Image: 2017-02/stortbage1.jpg

Crash bar stainless

On request
Image: 2017-02/stortbage2.jpg

Crash bar racing

On request
Image: 2017-03/side-repeater.png

Turn signal side repeater

Out of stock